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Create an Unbreakable Connection

Of all the people in the world, this is the person you chose to spend your time with. It's the unbreakable connection that will pull your relationship through anything.

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Build Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment

One of the largest struggles most relationships face is jealousy. How do we accept our body's natural desires to have attraction to other people while maintaining loyalty and trust?

Achieve Your Goals

Bring Back Excitement & Fun!

It's easy to get complacent and fall into a routine that leaves one feeling bored. This book will share 11 techniques to bring back the excitement and fun just like when you two first met!


Replace Jealousy with Trust

Nothing hurts more than your partner cheating on you behind your back. Learn to build an unbreakable sense of trust so you know that you'll always be loyal.

Open Communication

Honesty & Communication

When communication breaks down in a relationship, everything else follows. Be able to communicate openly with empathy and respect.

Excitement and Fun

Reignite Excitement & Fun

Bring back the early days of your relationship where you bring back what's most important: Having fun!

Deeper Connection

Build a Deeper Connection

This is the person you are going to share your life with. Through the struggles you face over the years, it's this unbreakable conneciton that will always keep you together.


Independently Connected

Many people lose who they are in the relationship they are in. Learn how to avoid dependency while maintaining who you truly are.


Appreciation & Respect

It's easy to grow complacent and stop recognizing the little things your partner goes out of the way to do. Make each other feel respected to keep the love forever alive!

Vulnerability is the strongest way to stay true in the relationship we are in. This is not a boring textbook on relationship psychology. While many books out there paint the ideal picture of a perfect relationship, you may compare yourself to a false sense of what to expect. It might make it seem like something is wrong with the relationship you are in.

The Well-Defined Relationship is a story of two individuals who come together and embrace all the ups and downs on the roller-coaster of growing closer together. So if you're looking for an honest look inside what a real relationship looks like, how to navigate through these obstacles, mixed with entertaining stories, and lessons you can apply to yours, this book does it for you today.


Andrew and Maria met in the coastal city of Magdalena del Mar in South America. After years of searching for the perfect relationship with a woman to love, Andrew went out walking one night and came across this theater festival where Maria was playing some games. After making eye contact and mustering up the courage to ask her out to a cafe that night, the connection they felt in that moment is where it all begins...

The Well-Defined Relationship will help you maintain a happy and healthy relationship through our books, video programs, and relationship coaching.

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